About Us

Our Mission Statement

The North Dakota Environmental Service Association is a non profit professional association that is committed to the education and leadership of our colleagues in an ever changing environment.

Our Association

The North Dakota Environmental Services Association (NDESA) is a team that is dedicated to a higher level of excellence. We conduct Regional Meetings and Continuing Education In-services to better knowledge our members in Environmental Services and Life Safety Code, offered to our members free of charge. We have Statewide Facility Representation within our membership list. The NDESA publishes newsletters to let our members know of key issues or items regarding our association.

Maintenance, Laundry, and Housekeeping play an important role in maintaining and creating a safe and comfortable environment for our residents, families, staff and all people that walk through our front doors. It is crucial that we are kept informed of all regulatory changes that may greatly affect our residents and environments as well as we are continually re-educated of these changes.

Upcoming Meetings & Events